what we offer

Seer International has both domestic and international sales and marketing and strategic business development experience. Crucial to any strategic campaign, all the way to delivery, is a wide-ranging domestic and international network and experience.

Opening and growing new markets

Identifying and qualifying major opportunities

Identifying and managing the route to market

Support to closure

our model

Seer International uses a simple but effective model upon which to base strategic planning including:



Industrial partnering

Selection and management of local agents

Price to win and identification of customer budget

Product or service positioning

Often overlooked, any potential offset liability can be reviewed and a strategy for delivery formulated. This will aim to exploit the liability through further opportunities but also to fulfill the customer’s needs at minimum risk to Seer International clients.

management team

Amanda Burgess


David Burgess

Managing Director

why choose us

Seer International offers a unique and dedicated service to clients that helps their company to get the right message to the right people, at the right time. We provide:

An in-depth understanding, across sectors, of chosen international markets

A review of the markets, highlighting broader opportunities

An explanation of how to develop and execute strategic marketing campaigns

A means by which to deliver key messages

Campaigning itself will be conducted within a framework comprising tools that will maximise the probability of success and closing the deal.

A passion for supporting the development and growth of business is what drives Seer International . Its passion extends to supporting SMEs or larger, more established businesses, with ambitions for growth, whether domestically or internationally.